Murphy Beds for R.V. Vehicles

Love the idea of traveling, but want to feel the comfort of your own bed? What if you could have both? Recreational Vehicles (R.V.) with Murphy Beds might be the solution for you! With a comfortable Murphy bed, you can enjoy your space during the day and a lovely place to sleep at night too! 

What is an R.V. Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a type of bed that can easily fold away when it is not in use.

If you see Murphy beds for sale when you are looking to furnish your R.V., you might just be in luck! These beds are the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants the balance of a comfortable bed that takes up minimal space. You only need to unfold your Murphy bed during the night. When you wake up, it tucks away, leaving you with plenty of room for daily activities.


Benefits of using  Murphy Beds for R.V. Travels

R.V. owners can enjoy the many benefits that Murphy beds bring to life on the road. Let’s take a closer look at what these beds offer.

Space-Saving Furniture

Murphy Beds are especially useful and versatile for spaces where floor space is crowded or unavailable, like small houses, apartments, hotels, and college dormitories.

Mobile homes and Recreational Vehicles are 400 square feet or less, and every inch of space is essential, making wall beds a great option.  

Multi-Functional Use

In R.V.s, Murphy Beds fold up completely flush into the wall, and the space they accommodate for is often taken up by a couch. Another benefit from its collapsible feature is that we can turn these beds into functional tables and desks during travels! They are made to be folded up during the day and then folded down at night to be used for sleeping. It is the best-suited, and most-desired bed for customers regularly using an R.V. 

Added Comfort on the Road 

We all want to get the most experiences in our lives by traveling, exploring, and unveiling places we’ve never been. Of course, we’re all stuck in the comfort of our own beds simply wanting rest on weekends! With a Murphy bed, you can have both in one versatile setting no matter what model you choose. Traveling and exploring beautiful places has never been this comfortable! 

The mattress used for Murphy beds is arguably the most important factor when considering the comfort level of any high-quality travel bed. Murphy Beds provides a variety of mattress selections, allowing you to select the most comfortable mattress for your travels. You can go with a brand you know or enjoy a pre-selected luxury option from a wall bed company! 

The Takeaway

Life on the road can be so much fun, but no one wants to have back pain while they are on their big adventure. Ask yourself if a Murphy bed is the right option to help you improve the look and feel of your R.V. Remember, options like a Murphy bed with desk attachment or a Murphy bed sofa can really help you to do more with the limited space in your R.V. To explore our luxury convertible furniture, visit us at Murphy Bed NYC today!