About Us

Murphy Bed NYC. A curated and crafted experience that connects space saving design with the individuals who seek it. Founded in New York in 2014, our company grew from a desire to modernize the furniture industry. Focusing on quality and contemporary design, we offer sophisticated home space to help create your inspired lifestyle. Based out of New York, we understand how every square inch counts in the big cities. We are determined to deliver the best whether it’s space, style or durability. Make the most out of your home or office with our Murphy beds.
Standard was never good enough. Frustrated by compromises between quality, affordability, and convenience, our founders started Murphy Bed NYC with a new approach to space saving furniture.
When Murphy Bed NYC launched in 2014, the founders wanted to create a different kind of space saving company. “Over the prior twenty or thirty years, the murphy bed industry had developed a fearful reputation,” says Murphy bed NYC founder and CEO Alen R. With misleading online marketing, overbearing salespeople, and inflated prices, buying a wall bed had become a miserable experience.
By adopting an innovative business model, Alan R  and his cofounders saw how they could make premium wall beds shopping easier for everyone. They could replace the confusing, exhausting environment of the murphy beds store with the best customer service. “We wanted to offer the best customer service and the best products, and treat customers in a way that they hadn’t seen in the wall beds in my lifetime,” Alan says.