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Convertible Bookshelf to Dining Table with Hydraulic System For Easy Use - (4 Tier)

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Convertible Bookshelf to Table 2 in 1 Wall Desk Brand new and high quality
Made of premium MDF with laminate, sturdy and durable

Wall-mount design makes the desk more convenient and saves your space

A safety lock can be folded when not in use

Ideal for small spaces, the Finisher Wall Mounted Desk can turn any room into a home office or study. Conveniently installed right into the wall, this desk can essentially be used almost anywhere.

The Finisher Wall Mounted Desk features a piece of finished hardwood atop a metal frame while a sleek whiteboard sits right above the desk.

The metal brace at the bottom makes this desk sturdy and durable.

The Finisher Wall Mounted Desk is able to hold a significant amount of weight.

Dimensions: Height 40" x Width 26" x Depth 11"

Colors: Light Oak, Brown, and White

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