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Miraldi Longa - Wall Bed With Sofa & Desk
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Miraldi Longa - Wall Bed With Sofa & Desk

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Miraldi Longa - Murphy Bed with Sofa & Desk

A carefully designed wall bed with excellent small space utilization and contemporary style. Looking for a way to host overnight guests but short of space in your loft, office, or guestroom? Search no further as the Miraldi Longa offers an exquisite sleeping solution that’s as cozy as it is stylish. The stunning laminated finish and clean-lined design gives this murphy bed a modern touch that’s welcome in any home. You’ll love the easy-lift mechanism that allows you to unpack or return the bed in seconds. It facilitates comfort, convenience, and open space, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep in any room of the house.


         High 84.8", Depth 15.8", Width 85.8" 

Mattress Size: 60" x 79"

Mattress Thickness:  Up to 8"

Material: Laminated particleboard

Additional Information: This product requires assembly and installation to the wall. Please be advised that we do not offer assembly services for the unit.

Mattresses, bookcases, and wardrobes are sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fantastic product, but so so so so much work to assemble

We have only had our murphy bed assembled for a week but I can tell you we really do love it. It is very sturdy, it looks great in our guest room, and we already had visitors stay on it for a few nights. It did not get assembled without problems though. In an effort to help future buyers know what they are getting themselves into, here's a list of pros and cons from our whole process.

- The instruction manual is the absolute worst I've ever seen, and I'm no stranger to instruction manuals. We have remodeled a house, assembled our fair share of Ikea furniture, and we know how to put stuff together. There are walls of text that seem to be Google translated, there are typos, and the diagrams can take 10 minutes to decipher.
- None of the boards/screws/components are labeled. We had to individually measure and label every board, screw, and bolt to determine which pieces were supposed to be used.
- It took my partner and I 60+ hours to assemble this bed. Multiple 5-8 hour days trying to decipher the directions, finding the right bolts, and verifying that boards are in the proper orientation (because the instruction manual isn't clear).
- We bought our own mounts to mount this to the wall because the bed didn't come with any mounting mechanism, not the worst thing in the world, but it meant a special trip to the hardware store.

- The bed is very sturdy and it really looks great in both positions.
- It was the cheapest murphy bed we could find that also provided us with a desk and sofa which are exactly what we wanted.
- The desk stays horizontal when the bed is down, so you don't need to clean off the desk completely before using the bed.
- Nothing was damaged and almost all of the parts were accounted for, with a handful of additional parts that were never mentioned in the instructions.
- The process of assembling this beast has made for a great story.
- My partner and I now feel like we can accomplish anything together.

Overall, we are happy with our purchase but we really wish we knew what we were getting ourselves into when buying this bed. A better instruction manual with larger/more diagrams and labeled components would give this a much better rating. Would we buy it again now knowing what we know? I think yes, but assembling this was a very daunting task that people should know they are getting themselves into.

Thank you so much! I love it.

Good quality bed. Love it!