• Can a murphy bed use a regular mattress?

    Any 10 inches thick comfortable, innerspring mattress can be used on murphy
    beds. Murphy beds were designed to save space in small households, but we also care about our clients and the quality of sleep they get.
  • How to Choose a Murphy Bed

    When you want to save space in your living area, whether it is a studio apartment, a dorm room, or an office that you spend a lot of time in, having a Murphy bed (also called a wall bed) can be a great addition to any smaller space. Murphy beds conveniently fold up into or against a wall in an attractive way that can enhance the space when not in use.
  • How murphy beds can be space-saving furniture for small apartments.

    If you live in a small apartment or house, then you no doubt understand the frustration of having to deal with limited space. A Murphy bed is a fantastic option and opens up so many possibilities to turn a cramped bedroom into an incredibly multi-functional space. With a range of sleek and varied designs, not only will the Murphy bed provide value, it also looks fantastic too. So, if you want to make the most of your small living space, then you need to check out Murphy beds today.
  • Murphy Bed - Space Saving Furniture

    Over the past few decades, Murphy Beds have taken over the world's most populous metropolitans where space is tight, and every foot is worth a fortune. With costs skyrocketing through the roof in such cities such as New York, it's extremely expensive to rent a space and that too a studio in most cases. For that reason alone, Murphy Beds are worth it.