What is a Murphy Bed?

The Murphy bed has been available since the early 1900s, and it is known to play a common role in movies that take place in old homes. Chances are that you have seen a Murphy bed in movies or your favorite books, but do you know what a Murphy bed really is? In this article, we are going to look at the history of the Murphy bed and what these beds can offer you.

The History of the Murphy Bed
According to historical documentation, the Murphy Bed was initially invented by William Lawrence Murphy, an Irish immigrant in New York who was trying to find a creative method for creating a spacious environment in his small apartment. He wanted to do more with less, so he got to work.
Rumors circulated, indicating that the idea of making Murphy Bed was born when William fell in love with a young opera singer. Back then, a lady was prohibited from entering a gentleman bedroom. His solution was to create a stable bed for her comfort, instantly transforming his bedroom into a more appropriate space. Thanks to his brilliant ideas and creativity, Murphy beds are now in use all around the world to help people save on space.

What is a Murphy Bed?
Murphy Beds are high-quality beds with rotational hinges on one end, popularly known as a wall bed; throughout the years. These beds easily fold flush into the wall or
into another type of furniture when not in use.

Although most historical Murphy beds fold up vertically, some new models also fold down horizontally, depending on the user preferences. These beds are practical and efficient due to their space-saving attributes and their versatile qualities. You can have a bed at night and a wall by day. Space-saving furniture has never been this comfortable!

Kinds of Murphy Beds
Although a Murphy bed does have a signature design, that doesn’t mean that they are all just simple beds that tuck away during the day. The modern world has a lot of use for Murphy beds, and these options make it easy to find the right wall bed for your home.

Murphy Bed Sofas
A Murphy bed sofa is a specific type of Murphy bed that has been made to fold up with a sofa. The bed itself folds out across the sofa. When it isn’t in use, these beds simply look like a couch with a wall and shelving unit behind them.

Murphy Bed with Desk Add-On
A couch is a great feature, but sometimes it isn’t the right one. Maybe you would prefer a Murphy bed that fits into your home office instead–that’s just fine! A Murphy bed with desk attachment can convert
effortlessly to reveal a desk that is perfect for regular use. Now, you can have a home office and a guest bedroom.

The Takeaway
Modern Murphy beds have come a long way throughout the years, and the designs are only getting better. You can find a Murphy bed in every color, every shape, and with many different kinds of add-ons. If you are interested in learning more about Murphy beds and want to know how they will fit into your home,
explore our transforming furniture at Murphy Bed NYC!