The Three Forms of Murphy Beds

The Three Forms of Murphy Beds

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Murphy Beds is one of the leading manufacturers of wall beds in the USA – founded in 2005 and committed to providing space-saving sleeping solutions to people in New York City and beyond. We have three ranges of our flagship beds, and knowing what each has to offer is the first step in deciding which is going to be right for you.


Horizontal Murphy Bed

horizontal murphy bed with sofa

Our classic full-size Murphy Bed comes in the form of our Horizontal range. We use our design skills to integrate the bed frames into discreet-looking cabinet-style containers that blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.


When flipped up, this system allows you to utilize more of the space in your home, while flipping down provides you with a horizontal frame (they can generally hold mattresses as well) ready to carry your bedding and then, your body. The classic Murphy Bed is perfect for metropolitan loft apartments with limited room. Plus, they make an ideal choice for living rooms and spare rooms when you want to accommodate guests.


Murphy Bed with Desk

bed murphy with desk

This is the perfect selection for those who work from homes with space in short supply. The Murphy Bed with Desk is a practical take on our classic design, with the added benefit of a desk integrated into the container door.


While still keeping the same focus on the sleek and stylish Murphy Aesthetic, this version also allows you to have distinct work and sleep setups, taking up barely any room. The desked design also differs from the classic horizontal set-up in that the bed frames generally flip up vertically, making for a more typical width in the desk itself.



Murphy Bed with Couch

wall bed with couch

This range takes the term ‘sofa bed’ to a new level. A Murphy Bed with sofa is perfect for comfortable relaxation at all hours of the day, providing you with ample space to sit and watch TV before it transforms into an inviting bed.


The sofa’s primary seat cushions retract into the base of the frame, allowing the vertically or horizontally flipped bed to come down. It then sits comfortably with the couch’s arms on either side and with the back of the sofa flipping up into a handy headboard. In studio and loft apartments where the ‘living room’ is more of an abstract idea than a dedicated space, a Murphy Bed with Couch hybrid is one of the best space-saving options that money can buy.


But Wait, There’s More


Along with these three primary forms of the Murphy Bed, there are also a number of variations and styles within them, with many of the beds in each range featuring shelving above and around the bed’s container for some valuable storage space. Our Miraldi Longa is a particularly unique iteration, offering the best of all three, with a horizontal bed, sofa chair, and desk all built into one handy package.


Consider your spatial requirements, sense of style, and home life priorities, and we’ll do the rest. At Murphy Beds, we want you to make the most of your home.


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