The Difference Between Murphy Beds and Regular Bed

 Throughout the years, furniture makers have come up with quite a few creative ways to furnish the home. Beds, in particular, are available in various models. Each of these types of beds can offer its own benefits, whether it is the space saving fun of a bunk bed for kids or the dual functionality of a Murphy bed with a desk. Let’s take a look at the real difference between Murphy beds and regular beds.

White Murphy Bed

What is a “Regular” Bed?

A regular bed is the type of bed that most of us are fairly familiar with. These beds are designed to lie flat in a room. They often include a headboard and a footboard, as well as some kind of frame for your mattress and box spring. Some regular beds have flat bottoms, while others have
wheels. However, most regular beds have the same collection of features.

What is a Murphy Bed?

 A murphy bed gives the appearance of a regular bed in every way. You can invest in Murphy beds with memory foam mattresses, as well as spring mattresses. They will also often have a headboard and footboard as well. However, they offer quite a bit more. These beds can fold up against a wall or even transform into other types of furniture. You can invest in a horizontal Murphy bed or a vertical Murphy bed. You can even choose a Murphy bed with a couch or a Murphy bed with a desk. These helpful and creative beds act as a
bed at night and something else during the day!

Why People Choose Murphy Beds

 More people are seeing Murphy beds and all of the benefits that they offer. The truth is that a Murphy bed can offer several more benefits than you receive with a regular bed. They can fold away to clear up space or provide you with a comfortable space to entertain guests. The possibilities are endless with Murphy beds.

Deciding Which Bed Type is Right for You

 Only you can decide what kind of bed is right for you, but be sure to consider what each of these bed types is bringing to the table. Murphy beds are available in all kinds of sizes, so you can easily get a queen-size Murphy bed or a full-size Murphy bed—and all the perks that come with them.

The Takeaway

 Both Murphy beds and regular beds have the same purpose in mind—to help you get a great night of rest. If you would like to learn more about how Murphy beds can help you to enhance your space and get the most out of the rooms in your home, check out our collection of transforming furniture.

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