Murphy Bed - Space Saving Furniture

If you are looking for how you can save space in tight apartments or utilize your room into a multi-functioning space, you should definitely read more about how murphy beds can change the game.

Over the past few decades, Murphy Beds have taken over the world's most populous metropolitans where space is tight, and every foot is worth a fortune. With costs skyrocketing through the roof in such cities such as New York, it's extremely expensive to rent a space and that too a studio in most cases. For that reason alone, Murphy Beds are worth it.

Wall bed with sofa

Murphy Beds are wall beds that can be opened into the floor and folded back into the wall when you require space. Hence, they save space in ways you cannot think about. Murphy beds can help you add an extra room to your space, or offer a double bed space in a tight room that was initially crowded.

A little bit of history

Murphy beds were named after William Murphy, the man who built the first Murphy (wall) bed. His story is similar to people who want to save space today because they can’t afford a larger space but need it. He had a studio apartment with barely any space for a living room setup but wanted to invite a girl over. Unfortunately, he couldn’t because there was no space in the apartment.

Mr. William got a little innovative by channeling his inner craftsmen to create something for the ages. He built the first Murphy bed by building a compartment that could be folded open onto the floor and back into the wall when required. This allowed him to have a living room set up in the same place his bed was placed. Genius, right?

He fulfilled his purpose, and we hope he had a nice time about it too. That was where it all started. Murphy beds are incredibly popular now, especially in areas like New York City. NYC is known for expensive spaces that could totally break your bank, but it is a necessity to rent them too. For such places, murphy beds become vital as they can help you transform your studio apartments into a complete apartment by saving space.

Today, Murphy beds have developed into so much more. These multi-purpose beds have won over peoples' hearts, and they have transformed into options that could transform your room into much more of a luxury in normal bed prices. Today murphy beds come with sofas and desks that you can utilize for any purpose you see fit.

The foldaway beds have come a long way in every aspect. Whether it is the style you are looking for or appearance, murphy beds have got you covered. Practicality is a given with these beds, so look no further. Here are the top reasons why murphy beds could serve as the best space-saving furniture you could ever find.

1. Murphy beds save you an incredible amount of space

Studio apartments and micro-condos where space is scarce and tight, murphy beds serve as the ultimate space-saving furniture. They are vital to how your place looks, feels, and utilized. They take normal wall space, which you aren't going to use anyway except for decoration, which you can still on the murphy bed.

These wall beds take up tiny space and can be folded back up whenever you need your room. Even if you own a larger apartment, say two or three bedrooms, you might still want to look into Murphy Beds as they can be the key to transforming your normal-sized apartment into a large-sized one by saving space in the rooms by employing murphy beds. 

Murphy bed with sofa

In case you still don’t get it, murphy beds take up vertical space instead of horizontal space when they are folded back up into the wall. This takes very little space as the wall is just a little thicker than normal with a murphy bed installed. Normally, the wall space isn’t used. This way, it makes use of every last inch of space and helps you in saving space.

You can simply fold the bed into the wall after waking up and see your room as much roomier. Use the space as you want. Problem solved.

 Murphy beds are of incredible quality. Made with extreme measures, these beds are strong, sturdy, and everlasting. While there are trademarked qualities in other products, murphy beds also have different qualities. Unfortunately, you can only know about the best quality if you buy from a genuine murphy bed maker.

Murphy Bed NYC is one of the best murphy bed manufacturers if you are looking for genuine murphy beds. These are genuine murphy beds that are made with the best quality materials ensuring that once you get a murphy bed, it will go on for longer than your life. There are durable designs, and the hardware is top-notch.

2. No compromises on comfort and coziness

A lot of people wonder how can these murphy beds be the ultimate solution to every problem, and it's only natural to think so. How can they be good at everything? Well, you will be surprised to know that they are actually that good. That is if you are buying from a genuine murphy bed manufacturer like MurphyBedNYC.

There are no compromises made in murphy beds. Every busy person requires proper rest and a good night’s sleep because he has to start the daily grind again in the morning. Why should anyone compromise on comfort or luxury, right?

While Murphy beds are practical and multifunctional, they don't hold back on the comfort end either. They are your luxury beds, which you can equip with cozy mattresses to get the best quality sleep and rest. If you buy the best quality wall bed, we guarantee that you will have an amazing time.

All assured, the space-saving murphy beds often come with the best quality mattresses if you buy from genuine makers. It is every bit as comfortable and cozy as normal beds, maybe even more. If you are employing Murphy beds in your guestroom, we ensure that your guests will have an amazing time sleeping on the bed.

3. Easy to use

Murphy beds are not difficult to use. There's no trickery and no issues at all. Once you get a wall bed installed, the innovative system takes over, and it's just like pulling a switch. It is simple to open and simpler to fold back up. If you are confused, you can easily watch a two-minute video to clear any doubts you could have.

4.Multi-purpose yet ever-practical and customizable

Murphy beds are multi-purpose wall beds that you can use according to your requirements and tastes. You can use a murphy bed with a sofa. You can also use a murphy bed with a desk. Murphy beds come built with such things in case you want to avail that option.

At MurphyBedNyc, some designers and creators will make anything you want them to make. If you require a desk with the bed, it will work as a bed when folded down and as a desk and chair when folded into the wall. This serves incredible purpose and trickery.