How to Build a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a great way to improve your home’s space and enjoy a comfortable night of rest in any
room–but it isn’t a secret that Murphy beds are not your average bed. These transforming beds are
designed to fit into small spaces and can even offer alternatives, like a wall bed with a desk. Many of
them require assembly, so today, we are going to explore how to build a Murphy bed.
Building a Murphy Bed: What You Need to Know
Building a Murphy bed is a common need with these beds. Like many other types of beds on the market,
a Murphy bed sometimes needs to be assembled. Let’s explore what you need to know about building
your very own Murphy bed.
Is it Hard to Build a Murphy Bed?
When it comes to furniture assembly, some people are professionals, and some people really don’t like it.
Though most people can build a Murphy bed, the fact remains that every brand of Murphy bed comes
with different instructions and assembly steps.
This means that the level of difficulty that comes with piecing together your Murphy bed is likely to
change depending on which one you choose. If you are nervous about building your Murphy bed, you
might want to look at the reviews to see how other people managed it.
How Do I Build My Murphy Bed?
If you invest in a Murphy bed that requires assembly, you will absolutely want to look for the
instructions. Though Murphy beds can be similar in design, they are still very different. The way that the
bed is made will influence what it takes to assemble the bed. Be sure to follow the instructions from the
original company. For more help, look for wall bed assembly tutorial videos online.
Do I Have to Build a Murphy Bed?
Some people really don’t enjoy building furniture, and that is completely understandable. If you are the
kind of person who hates furniture assembly, don’t worry–you do not have to build a Murphy bed. For
people who would rather not put the time into building a bed, there are pre-built options available. This
makes it easy for you to enjoy the benefits a Murphy bed can bring without the headaches of assembly.
Building a Murphy bed is completely optional!
The Takeaway
A Murphy bed is just one type of space-saving furniture available, but it is a great addition to any living
space–at home or on the road. Before you go with the first option after searching Murphy beds near me, be sure to ask yourself if you really want to build your own bed or if you would rather have one arrive
that is built for you. Whether you invest in a Murphy bed with desk attachments or a Murphy bed with
couch seating, our team at Murphy Bed NYC is here for you!