How Murphy Beds Have Benefitted Small Spaces in the U.S.

Murphy beds have moved in and out of style throughout the years, but with modern designs, it is hard to argue the benefits they bring. As real estate prices soar and we all consider the impacts of our carbon footprints, more people are looking for ways to do more with less space. The Murphy bed is an obvious solution–and these three U.S. homes are the perfect example.

An Office-Turned-Guest Room
In suburban Houston, Veronica Solomon wanted to get more out of her beautiful custom office. Her solution was to make it a more transformative and versatile space, giving her a place to work and entertain guests–the original spirit behind the Murphy bed. To bring her vision to life, she had a Murphy bed installed in her office that is disguised as a wall, complete with permanent art on the bottom that perfectly hides it. Now, she can work during the day and give her guests a place to stay at night when they visit.

Saving Space in a New York Apartment
New York is known for its high real estate prices and tiny living spaces that cost more than most large spaces in other states. Fortunately, the spirit of New Yorker's is strong, and residents in this area are always looking for creative solutions. This chic Manhattan apartment is a perfect example of that classic New York ingenuity. To optimize the space in this 515-square-foot design, the owner added a Murphy
bed that can be tucked away during the day and only used when you need it. This is how you turn less into more–even in a tiny studio apartment.

Bringing the Essentials to a Tiny Home
Tiny home living is one of the more modern real estate trends that is turning small footprints into stunning designer spaces. Everything in a tiny home is designed to serve multiple purposes, allowing you to create full-size home needs in a compact design. The famed Seabrook Tiny House uses a Murphy bed
that transforms into a dining table during the day. In this home, no one will ever tell you that you can’t eat in bed!

The Takeaway
Creative homeowners and renters are using Murphy beds to get the most out of their space, and it is working really well for a lot of people. Instead of sizing up your house to get that one additional guest room or convincing yourself to pay extra for more space, why not consider using Murphy beds and other transforming furniture to make the most out of your space?

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