How a Murphy Bed Can Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Murphy beds are one of many space-saving options available in modern home decor. These incredible transforming beds can act as a bed one moment and something else completely the next. Available in different sizes and designs, Murphy beds can fit into a wide range of living spaces comfortably–but they don’t just look great.

A Murphy bed can make your small space feel much larger, allowing you to get more from the home that you already love. Let’s find out how! 

Wall Beds

The Same Space–Used Better

The transforming nature of Murphy beds makes them the ultimate way to utilize space. When you purchase a queen-size Murphy bed, you get a bed–but only when you want one. Since Murphy beds can transform and fold into themselves, you have the ultimate opportunity to use the space in your room how you want to use it.
If that means sleeping in your Murphy bed, that is great. Otherwise, you can just fold it away and use the same space for something else. Some designs, like a Murphy bed with shelves, are made to blend into the background of a room.


Essential Features in the Home

murphy beds with desk
Home design has changed throughout the years, and more people are exploring their own design preferences on their own level. However, there are some features that always seem to remain in style. Fortunately, you can combine these must-have home furniture pieces with a Murphy bed to get even more out of every room. Choosing to invest in a Murphy bed with a couch or a Murphy bed with a desk allows
you to have those must-have items and an additional bed that is hiding in plain sight too!


Choose When You Use

horizontal murphy bed
The versatility afforded by Murphy beds is where the modern designs really shine. When choosing a horizontal Murphy bed, you gain the benefits of an entire bed–but only when you need them. You can use these features when and only when you want to, allowing you to pick and choose which elements of your decor fit the scene at any given time. You can have a guest sleep in a Murphy bed, then show them how it transforms into a vertical Murphy desk when they are done. These beds give you the space and features you need, with the benefit of allowing you to decide when and where to use them.


The Takeaway

Small spaces require a little creativity when it comes to design, and few furniture pieces do it better than Murphy beds. These beds are known to take any space–no matter how small-and give it the comforts of home while putting the power entirely in your hands.

Whether you sleep in your own Murphy bed at night or just have one in your office for guests, you will find that these beds are perfect for optimizing space and increasing the comforts available in your home. To learn more about Murphy beds and their many incredible designs, explore our collections today!