Furniture for Tiny Houses and Apartments - Space Saving Furniture


 Tiny houses can help you to enjoy a private space with an impressively low carbon footprint, but they do come with some truly unique furniture needs. Choosing the right furniture for your tiny house can help you to maximize space while enjoying all of the comforts of a standard home. In this article, we will explore some of the best furniture options you can buy—from wall beds to creative storage units!

Murphy Bed Queen Size

Bello Light Oak - Murphy Bed with Desk

Owning a Murphy bed is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to save on space with a tiny home. These beds, which are available as both a horizontal Murphy bed and a vertical Murphy bed, depending on the model, can help you to enjoy a great night of rest without stumbling over your bed on the way to the kitchen. Designed to fold away, this Murphy bed with desk space is perfect for sleeping at night and working all day. Be sure to measure your space to determine if you want a queen-size Murphy bed or a full-size Murphy bed.


Winsome Suzanne 3-Piece Space Saver Kitchen Set
With this storage saver, you can create the perfect dining area exactly when you need it. This kitchen table and chairs easily fold up, allowing you to tuck them away when you are not using them. With this handy system, you receive a medium-sized table and two stools that easily fold together and can act as a small end table or counter space when not in use.

West Elm Mid-Century Drink Table
Tiny house owners often find themselves struggling to decide if they can really afford to give up space for simple luxuries, like a classic end table. This end table’s small design makes it easy to fit into even the smallest spaces. You can even tuck it behind something when it isn’t in use. It’s a simple luxury—but one you deserve!

SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman Bench
Getting more creative with storage is a must when you own a tiny house, and furniture like this can be the perfect solution. This ottoman is perfect for sitting and relaxing, but inside it is able to hold up to 660 pounds of storage materials. Tuck away your blankets or extra essentials and keep them out of sight when they aren’t in use.

Rasen Shelving Unit
The key to design in tiny houses is often reaching up instead of spreading out, and this simple shelving unit can help. Made to fit easily over a variety of midsize objects, it brings more shelves to your space so you can keep your essentials front and center.

The Takeaway
A tiny house can be an exciting opportunity to make a space that is full of furniture and other items that you love—as long as you can find them in the right size, of course! These creative furniture options can help you to fit in all of the essentials without having to bring too much clutter to your space. Get creative with your design, and remember to keep an eye out for any furniture that can double as a secondary piece of furniture or storage!


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