Can a murphy bed use a regular mattress?

Can a murphy bed use a regular mattress?

Mattress for Murphy Beds

Any 10 inches thick comfortable, innerspring mattress can be used on murphy
beds. Murphy beds were designed to save space in small households, but we also care about our clients and the quality of sleep they get. Our goal has always been for our clients to have convenient, space-saving beds where they can have top quality sleep. This explains why we have different types of murphy beds including the queen murphy bed, murphy bed sofa, desk bed combo and wall beds with a sofa to suit the needs of different individuals.

Aside from our bed frames, we also have well-designed murphy bed mattresses that can give our clients all the comfort they need to sleep soundly. Of course, our murphy bed mattresses are highly recommended for clients who have purchased any of our beds, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the queen murphy bed, the murphy sofa bed, the desk bed combo or the wall beds with sofa. That said, our clients are free to buy other brands of mattresses for their murphy

Here are the types of mattresses to consider using on your murphy bed

1. Comfortable mattresses
Get a real mattress that is comfortable enough for sleep. The murphy beds are built to accommodate any standard innerspring mattress up to 10 inches in total thickness, allowing you to enjoy all the space-saving qualities of a murphy bed, while simultaneously getting a great night’s sleep. Most mattresses sold in local stores are between 8 and 10 inches in thickness, so it's always advisable to go mattress shopping with your measuring tape.

2. Innerspring mattress
A standard innerspring mattress is ideal for your murphy beds because it allows you to open and close your murphy wall beds, murphy sofa beds, desk bed combo and queen murphy beds with ease. However, the mattress should weigh at least 55 pounds for your bed to be able to stay down when opened. It should be noted that all murphy beds are built following industry - standard sizing as follows;

• Queen size mattress: 80′′ x 60′′
• Full (double) size mattress: 75′′ x 54′′
• Extra long twin size mattress: 80′′ x 39′′
• Twin size mattress: 75′′ x 39′′ 

Murphy Bed Mattress
3. Mattress straps
You will also need to buy mattress straps which you will place over the mattress before placing your fitted sheet. These straps are essential in holding your mattress tight to the bed face, thereby making it easier for the bed face and mattress to stay together when the bed is opened and closed. The straps also prevent the mattress from touching the wall and possibly ruining pictures or artworks that could be on the wall. Nevertheless, no box spring is required for a murphy bed because of its in-built mattress platform. The murphy beds have a strutted framework, soundly constructed with kiln-dried, solid poplar struts that minimizes deflection and produces a framework that will support up to 2500 Ibs.

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