Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

Shopping for beds is something that most of us take fairly seriously. After all, who wants to spend time sleeping in a bed that isn’t comfortable? Everyone wants a bed that fits them well and has a good mattress too. For this reason, most people are worried about whether or not a Murphy bed or other bed alternative will be a good fit for their homes. Let’s take a look at what you should expect from a Murphy bed when it comes to comfort.

Breaking Down the Comfort Level for Wall Beds

Everyone wants a comfortable bed for themselves and for their guests. Most of us have ended up sleeping on someone’s guest bed only to realize that it is terribly uncomfortable–it isn’t a good feeling! Before you risk your own guests being uncomfortable during their stay, it is always important to find a great bed. So, how comfortable is a Murphy bed really?

Are Murphy Beds a Comfortable Size?

It is a common belief that all Murphy beds are smaller than the average bed. Most people imagine twin-sized Murphy beds in a New York City apartment. Though this is an option, Murphy beds come in several different sizes. You can get a queen Murphy bed, a full Murphy bed, and almost any other size too. There are some shockingly big Murphy beds available, but most people prefer to go with a full Murphy bed or a queen Murphy bed.

Do Murphy Beds Have Good Mattresses?

Next to size, the quality of a Murphy bed’s mattress is also commonly called into question. For some reason, there is a prevailing belief that a Murphy bed mattress is guaranteed to be cheap, flimsy, and uncomfortable–this is largely inaccurate. Like any other kind of bed, you can generally choose what kind of mattress to put on your Murphy bed. If you want a memory foam mattress, you can absolutely have one.

Do Murphy Beds Have Any Limitations that Might Influence My Comfort?

One quick look will tell you that a Murphy bed is different than a regular bed, but probably not in the way that you think. A Murphy bed is unique because it can be tucked away. However, in every other way, it is just a normal bed. The only limitation would be if you invest in a brand that doesn’t offer good products, but you run that risk with any bed.

Are Murphy Beds Cheap?

After years of movies where Murphy beds are portrayed as flimsy metal frames with a mattress, it is easy to think Murphy beds are cheap. Murphy beds can be cheap in the same way that any other bed can be. However, you can also invest in a luxury Murphy bed with all of the added comforts. Be sure to review the quality of the bed before making a purchase.

The Takeaway

You want a bed that offers absolute comfort, and a Murphy bed can bring exactly that–in fact, a Murphy bed sofa can offer you two kinds of comfort with one investment. As long as you choose a trusted partner, like Murphy Bed NYC, you can invest in a high-quality Murphy bed that is perfect for you and your guests too!